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#FMTrends: Fabolous and Jadakiss Bring Horror With “F vs J Intro” Video [Link]

#FMTrends: Fabolous and Jadakiss Bring Horror With “F vs J Intro” Video [Link]

Photo Credit: Youtube/Vevo

Fabolous and Jadakiss Bring Horror With “F vs J” Video

FM Trendsetters, if you been hiding under a rock again, please do not go to sleep or go near any lakes.  Fabolous also known as Freddie is here to haunt your dreams with his lyrical murder with the assist from Jason Jadakiss Voorhies in this new Hip Hop horror flick.  No it is not Halloween.  No this is not a nightmare.  It is definitely not Friday the 13th.  It is Brooklyn veteran emcee Fabolous and D-Block’s own Jadakiss collaborating in a music video based on their joint mix tape, “Friday On Elm Street“, one of the most prolific and critically acclaimed mix tapes to start the New Year.


Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

Fabolous and Jadakiss released their music video for “F vs J Intro” directed by Gerard Victor.  First scene looks like it came right out of the pop culture 80s/90s horror movie, ” Nightmare on Elm Street“.  We see the unaware female victim sleeping peacefully in her bed, or so we thought.  She is awakened during her nightmare by the ferocious and malicious lyrics from the Ghetto Fabolous emcee.  One, Two Fab is coming for you. Three, four better lock your doors, and you know the rest.  Fabolous is more than legendary with his cunning bars and descriptive antics familiar to fans of his music.  With claws as hands, and the infamous old brown brim hat,  Loso delivers more than lyrics in his scene. Rest in Peace to the ears of whoever absorbs this lyrical murdering.


Photo credit: Youtube/VEVO

The malicious content does not stop there however.  The murders get worse.  Straight from the waters of Camp Crystal Lake surfaces an even sinister emcee.  With machete in hand, and black hockey mask, Jadakiss finishes the listening ear off with his lyrical massacres.  During the bars of Kiss, the viewer sees censored slashing of innocent victims trying to run for their life .  However there is no escaping the death blows of the veteran emcee.  I don’t know what is more dangerous.  Jadakiss lyrics or that heavy machete he was carrying.  Viewers with a weak heart, this is not for you.


[Click here to hear “F vs J Intro” Fabolous and Jadakiss]


Source: Fabolous’ VEVO/YouTube Channel


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January 24th, 2018

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