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#FMTrends: J.Cole Shows us Kevins’ Hart in New “Kevin’s Heart” Video

#FMTrends: J.Cole Shows us Kevins’ Hart in New “Kevin’s Heart” Video


 J.Cole Shows us Kevins’ Hart in New “Kevins Heart” Video

The video to J.Cole’s “Kevin’s Heart” could not had been depicted any better than having Kevin Hart star in the actual video! The common misconception about this particular track would be that people assumed J.Cole was throwing dirt on Kevin by bringing up his very public cheating scandal. In fact, J.Cole was actually shining a light on what its like on the other side of the fence for the cheater.  In Kevin Harts case for the video, it seemed to be a domino effect of shame and judgment from the world. Such a heavy burden to carry when you are a ComedianRockstar or one of the most Influential Hip Hop artist of all time!


The video which was directed by Scott Laser and J.Cole is one of a few of the creations this dynamic duo has put together for us. In a recent interview with Vulture Magazine Laser shared that “With “Kevin’s Heart,” he had the idea for Kevin Hart to be in it and it’s basically him riding around L.A. and he encounters one of two reactions from people: temptation or shame. I thought that was a great idea but it wasn’t a story. So, I think I called him one day and we just riffed for like an hour and then I wrote all those notes down, wrote it into a treatment, added images and tried to create an overall aesthetic. We wanted it to be very cinematic.” 

The first video Laser co-directed with J.Cole was for “Apparently” back in 2014, and most recently the “A.T.M” video which was also recently released. Finding this type of creative connection is rare but apparently, they speak each other’s language. J.Cole has been breaking streaming records since the release of KOD and stirring up a little trouble as well! Let’s see what other visuals this two can come up with!


Check out the video for “Kevin’s Heart”


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Khadira Savage

May 2nd, 2018

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