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#FMTrends: Jaden Smith “Icon” Video (New Music)

#FMTrends: Jaden Smith “Icon” Video (New Music)


Jaden Smith “Icon” Video

Jaden Smith came differently  in his new ICON music video following the release of his new album SYRE. In an interview with Complex Magazine he explains why it took 3 years to make the album. The album is about 70 minutes long ranging from pop and electro R&B. He stated it was the labor of love which took him three years too create this piece. Even though Jaden is famous for his inscrutable tweets, in interviews with Smith he is clear and alarmingly comfortable. Smith poetically described the concept as “The story of a boy who chased the sunset till it chased him” in a tweet. He also stated that the album “Will bring emotion to the culture.”  
This song gives me Bollywood vibes while Smith is giving a Wale or J Cole type of flow. Its pretty good seeing Jaden Smith expressing his self through his music. This has been the 3rd music visual Smith released.
Overall, he is  rapping about being on fashion magazine covers, making independent movies, and starting his own record label.  Hint the chorus, “I’m just an ICON living”.
Smiths’ unique wardrobe always  been one to talk about but in this video he features predictably outlandish garments from the young fashion plate. He’s wearing huge gold chains around his neck like chockers, a MSFTS frayed denim jacket (Smiths’ own gender neutral line) layered over with a vest and G-star jeans. He dances in front of a black car while the sun sets over the mountain horizon. Check out the video below!

Watch Jaden Smith “Icon” Video Below



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Chyna Whyte

November 30th, 2017

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