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#FMTrends: Jaden Smith releases “Again”

#FMTrends: Jaden Smith releases “Again”

Jaden Smith releases “Again”

Jaden Smith has been grabbing headlines lately, most recently for his newest song “Again”. The song that features SYRE is on the track list for his newly dropped album ERYS. The song features insane production that’s captivating from the first 808 that breaks the intro. Smith chose to mix the song in an interesting faded almost foggy style, really prioritizing the music artistry and production ahead of his lyrics. The dichotomy between the songs beginning and end is night and day. While the first half features a bass led, upbeat callout, the second half shows us a much softer emotional vocal journey.

The ERYS album comes after some promising artistic growth from Jaden starting with “Iconic” and his SYRE album and continuing on featuring on songs such as Young Thug’s “Sin” which is a musical masterpiece in its own right and Tyler the Creator’s “Pothole”. He’s also made a name for himself with his interesting music videos, most recently starring his mom Jada who was a force with her choreography. The progression and collaboration that he has managed to accomplish is helping to slowly establish him as one a legitimate musical face in today’s era of hip-hop.

Jaden has also been making headlines in the humanitarian world. The young man has been helping those less fortunate in big ways across the nation. He has been instrumental in helping the people of Flint, Michigan acquire clean water for a while now. On top of that, Smith just launched a vegan food truck for the less fortunate to eat free in Los Angeles. From Batman suits at prom, to proclaiming he is dating Tyler the Creator at a show, and all the good and the bad in between; it’s hard to hate on Jaden who seems to always keep the media guessing what he will do next.

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Ben Goodfellow

July 18th, 2019

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