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#FMTrends: Lil Kim Shows She Still Is The “Nasty One” In New Video [Video]

#FMTrends: Lil Kim Shows She Still Is The “Nasty One” In New Video [Video]

Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

Lil Kim Shows She Still Is The “Nasty One” In New Video

Wah Gwan, or salutations FM Trendsetters!  The following video is definitely rated “R“, or “NFSW” because you have to be 18 years of age or older to see this and it is not safe for viewing at work!  The Queen Bee is back in this very Caribbean visual.  The Original Black Barbie dropped this gem, known as “Nasty One“, on the first day of August!  She already has the internet and social media buzzing, as her video is the number 5 new music video trending on Youtube and VEVO.  The song itself is a certified club hit and radio smash for the summer, but the video added more depth to it. The Hardcore femcee and former Junior Mafia first lady brought it back to the Lil Kim that we enjoyed and loved.  The video is not only sexy but very entertaining.

Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

The video starts in what seems to be a big mansion, somewhere in the Caribbean.  The setting sets the mood for the song as the enticing femcee rises out of the pool water in nude, but decorative gem attire.  The main focus of this video is the built and muscular male model, whom is obviously the affectionate apple of the Queen‘s eye.  Dance scenes and steamy bedroom interactions are seasoned throughout the visual like a perfect meal.

Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

The vibe, the sexiness, along with the reggae-like crooning from the Brooklynite makes this another perfect video from the veteran rapper.  Not to mention, that split she did on the model, in one of the bedroom scenes.  Very epic.  Epic enough to be the talk of conversations and comments that attach with the subject of this video.  From old fans, new fans, and those who never knew the 96 former Bad Boy artist, or her catalog of timeless bangers.

Whether you knew her artistry, or just got hip to her magnitude, there is no doubt the Queen Bee solidified her place in Hip Hop royalty.  She most definitely displayed how she was the matriarch of this trend.  No shade.  Just facts. Enjoy.


Watch “Nasty One” Music Video by Lil Kim below:



Source:  Lil Kim’s VEVO/ YouTube Channel

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August 4th, 2018

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