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#FMTRENDS: Master P And Jeezy Joint Project

#FMTRENDS: Master P And Jeezy Joint Project

Master P and Jeezy Announce Joint Album


Master P recently made a huge announcement during an exclusive interview with XXL, revealing that he is joining forces with Jeezy to drop a new album this summer. The two are working together for the first time on this collaborative project. Master P, the No Limit Records founder told XXL the title of the album, “It’s Gonna Be a Cold Summer.” “In 2019, it’s going to be a cold summer.” He added, “The Ice Cream Man and the Snowman. We got several songs…we, like, almost there. We shot a video in New Orleans. We shot a video for I Got the Hook Up 2 soundtrack. So we got a lot of things in the works.”

Jeezy debuts his acting career

Aside from the studio collab, Jeezy plans on hitting up sets for his acting debut in Master P’s sequel ‘I Got the Hook Up 2’. The original 1998 comedy starred Master P and A.J. Johnson as two street hustlers named Black and Blue. They come across a truckload of cell phones by mistake and start selling the phones, making thousands of dollars, but the phones don’t work. This leads to several unhappy customers chasing them down, including gang members and the FBI. Jeezy will play the role of a hustler named Big Moe who goes from slinging dope in the neighborhood before it becomes gentrified, to selling organic food. Master P commented on Jeezy’s acting saying, “I like how [Jeezy] switched it up for the film. He went into character and out of character. So big up to Jeezy for coming in and handling business for I Got the Hook Up 2.”

There will be a soundtrack accompanying the movie, featuring various artists including- you guessed it- Jeezy himself. Seems like this fire partnership will be creating some fire content in 2019.

Check out the trailer for I Got the Hook Up 2 below!


Kamari Pless| IG: aziahkamari

Sources: XXLmag, VLADtv


Aziah Pless

March 3rd, 2019

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