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#FMTrends: Meek Mill shows his softer side in “Fall Thru”  video

#FMTrends: Meek Mill shows his softer side in “Fall Thru” video



Meek Mill “Fall Thru” Video

Even though Meek Mill is serving time, for what a lot of people feel was an unjust sentence, It didn’t stop the Dreamchasers team from dropping the video for “Fall Thru”. “Fall Thru” is a single off the Wins and Losses album, that dropped this summer. The song is not Meek’s usual uptempo high energy gritty record, it’s showing the softer side of Meek.  The video starts off with Meek sitting in his ride placing a call to his Lady and letting her know he misses her, her response is that she’s working he lets her know that he see’s how hard she’s working and that when she gets the time she should “Fall Thru”.




From that point, the video is kind of like a performance piece, you see Meek performing the song but in different scenes. The Scenes bounce back and forth from street to lavish. In one scene you see Meek and his Co-star in a regular hood kitchen cooking breakfast with the Air condition blowing, not a regular  Air conditioner but one that looks like it’s on its last leg Than it goes to shots of Meek and her on a shopping spree.

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The basis of the song is Meek Mill letting his lady know that there on the same page as far as their love is concerned and no matter what goes on between them when it’s all said and done she will still “Fall Thru” and be by his side. The video also showcases Meeks other love which is riding bikes you get to see Meek riding around his city and throwing up wheelies.




What’s a Meek video without the Chasers, Meeks cousin Omelly makes an appearance. The video comes to a close with Meek and his lady sitting outside on the steps of a house in the hood, displaying their hood love and then a screen showing a hashtag #JusticeforMeek. A hashtag that we all hopes comes true.


Meek Mill-Fall Thru (Official Video) Video

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December 7th, 2017

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