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#FMTrends: N.O.R.E back “Uno Mas” with Friends on Remix

#FMTrends: N.O.R.E back “Uno Mas” with Friends on Remix


 N.O.R.E back “Uno Mas” with Friends on Remix

We haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the Lefrak native N.O.R.E in a hot minute but just a few months back he came through with “Uno Mas” and now he’s back with some friends on the Remix.

The original release of Uno Mas featured Pharrell Williams but the Remix has features from Raggaeton star J Alvarez, Miguel and Wiz Khalifa.


Its been a while since Pharrell and Noreaga teamed up, the Student of the Game album was released in 2013 and was the last collab from the two. They have a few hits in the bank but are most infamous for their work together on “Nothin” and “Super Thug”.@therealnoreaga

“I’ma keep bragging on how I got here/20 year career it’s always sincere,” he rhymes. “These dudes are just one hit wonders/You don’t know who I am? Go ask your mothers.”

Although Nore hasn’t been supplying us with music, he has been keeping us more than satisfied with his two hit shows Drink Champs and  On the Run Eatin’. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen Nore’s captivating interviews on the most professional Unprofessional Podcast! Noreaga along with DJ EFN has definitely shed light on some of Hip Hop’s biggest celebrities Amber Rose, Fat Joe, Diddy, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, and most recently Casanova 2X. Once the drinks start flowing there is no telling what will be said!


On the Run Eatin’ is definitely “a different type of food show” (NORE voice), Noreaga and his entire crew SunnyD, Yung Reallie, and Ching Bing are hilarious; pushing the boundaries on what not to eat! I cant think of a better way to enjoy life other than taste testing food! Traveling to Purto Rico, Atlanta,  and even his own Hood Queens/Brooklyn NY.

Noreaga has always had a magnetic aura and has repeatedly kept us entertained. Be sure to check out his latest release “Uno Mas” as well as his hit shows “Drink Champs” on Revolt and “On the Run Eatin’ “ on Complex.


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Khadira Savage

April 14th, 2018

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