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#FMTrends: Nipsey Hustle Runs from the Feds in “Hustle and Motivate” (Video)

#FMTrends: Nipsey Hustle Runs from the Feds in “Hustle and Motivate” (Video)




Nipsey Hustle Runs from the Feds in “Hustle and Motivate” (Video)


“Hustle and Motivate” is the latest release off of Nipsey Hustles Victory Lap Album which released on 2.16.18. The video for “Hustle and Motivate” is actually a short film, with Nipsey and his crew pulling off a heist as they try to bag $1 million to bail a friend out of jail. Sticking up authorities and holding them hostage as they stop an armed truck. This Sergio directed production is definitely Action packed!! With Lauren London as the getaway driver, Nipsey cruisers through LA in a drop top.



“Judge a young nigga by they address
Left us no option, what they expect?
Only thing we knew for sure was to bang the set
Fuck livin’ basic, I’m takin’ risks
Fuck what they sayin’, I’m sayin’ this
Don’t waste your time, it don’t make you rich
It don’t mean nothin’ so fuck ’em, let’s make a grip
Double up, triple up, make assist”


Fearless and unaffected by the presence of the police, once Nipsey reaches his hood we all see why. The community presence definitely held more rank than the one lone officer who ended up locked in a squad car as Nipsey motivates the crowd with his dope performance of “Hustle and Motivate”.



The track for “Hustle and Motivate”  actually a sample from the Annie “Hard Knock Life”  and Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life”. Nipsey mentioned in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club that Jay-Z actually acquired the rights to the music so that any rapper that would like to use the beat after him would only require clearance from him; how dope is that?!


Check out the video for “Hustle and Motivate”

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Khadira Savage

March 5th, 2018

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