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#FMTrends: T-Pain gives a release date for “Oblivion” album(Video)

#FMTrends: T-Pain gives a release date for “Oblivion” album(Video)



T-pain is back like he never left!

It has been about 10 years since T-pain has relased any album and I bet his fans couldn’t be more excited. Inching his talents back into the music scene, T-Pain titled this upcoming album Oblivion which is scheduled to release November 17.

Nearly 6 years after his Revolver album released T-Pain, did not come to play. This is his 5th studio album he has completed. After countless delays and push back dates, Oblivion is finally set and stone! He went to Instagram to announce the news to his fans. According to reports it is unknown who is going to be featured on this album. However, it has been said that Oblivion will feature a soulful vibe and less auto-tune unlike his last project. AND we all know T-Pain is good for Auto tune!
Moving forward, according to XXL, when asked about his thoughts on the latest trend ‘Mumble Rap’ he said “ I don’t understand why people say it’s mumble rap. I just don’t get the term. It’s not like I don’t understand what they’re saying mumble rap is, but the term…it’s really not that. It’s just leaned-up niggas, everybody having fun, everybody having a good-ass time. Just don’t let them have too much fun, because if I come home and my 8-year-old set the curtains on fire because he said he’s just having fun, I’m not going to sit by and just let that happen. So don’t let it happen to where music changes all the way.” Right, Let them know!
Check out one of his latest songs below!

Watch T-Pain – F.B.G.M. (Official Video) ft. Young M.A.





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Chyna Whyte

October 11th, 2017

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