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#FMTrends: Tee Grizzley and Meek Mill Spit Jail Bars For “First Day Out” Remix [Link]

#FMTrends: Tee Grizzley and Meek Mill Spit Jail Bars For “First Day Out” Remix [Link]

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Tee Grizzley and Meek Mill Spit Jail Bars For “First Day Out” Remix

Hope every one weekend went well. Welcome back FM Trendsetters!  Yesterday, the upcoming rapper from Detroit, Tee Grizzley dropped a highly anticipated remix of his overnight success banger “First Day Out“.   The remix features a rapper from Philadelphia whom we all hope get to his “First Day Out“, especially after all the foul and alleged crooked business dealing with the Defense Attorney and Judge on his case.  But despite the madness and jail time, that did not stop the bars and rhymes of Philly’s own Meek Mill.  The song still gives off that vibe of when you first come out the Feds (Federal Prison for the street illiterate).  “Fresh out ain’t nothing to go baaaaack” (Comedian Mr. Commodore’s Voice). I swear this is perfect music to put on your iPod when you hitting some sets on the bench, lifting barbells, or push ups.  “N****z praying on my downfall” chanting  in your ear as you achieve maximum goals.  This track is still motivation for the streets.  With Meek Mill on the track, just adds more inspiration.


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Despite trading off the infamous “N****z praying for my downfall” bridge in the beginning, the Dreams and Nightmares emcee explodes on the track, as if he is too greedy to leave room for Tee Grizzley.  I guess if I was from Philly and my football team won their first Super Bowl title, I would have as much energy as this guy.  He ripped the track to shreds, point blank. I could truly say Meek killed it. He did not hold anything back. Jail bars obviously were not stronger than his bars. However, no update on when he wrote his verse was validated, so we assume he recorded it in prison.


Photo Credit: Rapwave.com


Tee Grizzley made sure he held his own as he got the mic back.  He still murdered the track (no pun intended) with the same enthusiasm and tenacity of his Philly counterpart’s verse.  Everything was evened out. Nothing odd.  Free Meek Mill.

Check Out “Frist day out” Below

Source:  Tee Grizzley’s  YouTube Channel


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February 7th, 2018

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