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#FMTrends: Teyana&Iman Shumpert Bring Real Love back to VH1

#FMTrends: Teyana&Iman Shumpert Bring Real Love back to VH1


Teyana&Iman Shumpert Bring Real Love back to VH1

The first episode of VH1’s Teyana & Iman already has me hooked! Just when we thought all hope was lost for reality tv, we are blessed with the sexiest couple we’ve seen appear on tv in ages! Other than being a complete package of eye candy, the power couple are as bizarre as they are normal! From fighting for quality time and attention to finding ways to juggle demanding careers and balancing a family and amazing sex life!


“Redefining the contemporary notion of the modern love story, this power couple shares an unconventional romance defined by an unbreakable bond. As they take on the music, sports, and fashion worlds, the success in their careers is only rivaled by their passion for one another and their daughter Junie. Teyana & Iman features plenty of red-hot moments, playful humor, and a 360-degree view of true #RelationshipGoals”-VH1


Teyana & Iman reveils the balance and compromise it takes to make a successful marriage. Communication is key and Teyanna made sure she voiced her opinion when she wanst feeling the type of attention her hubby was giving her!  Iman, on the other hand, knew exactly what to say to put a smile back on Teyana’s face. Like Yin and Yang, Harlem and Chicago are looking like a perfect match for one another. I don’t believe its possible to tame a wild heart like Teyana but Iman sure knows how to keep her happy!


Who could forget their beautiful toddler Junie! A young star in the making, Junie is the cutest mischievous toddler to grace VH1 Surrounded by the love and support of Teyana’s mom who also manages her and Iman’s Dad, this couple has a strong foundation of family values; we need to see more of this on TV!

I’m looking forward to the next episode of Teyana & Iman which airs every Monday @ 9pm on VH1

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Khadira Savage

March 28th, 2018

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