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#FMTrends: Tha Carter V Review

#FMTrends: Tha Carter V Review

Lil Wayne’s Strong Return

Prez here and I’m writing my first album review. So my first task is covering a 23 song project from Lil Wayne. So Tha Carter V is lengthy and worth it. It’s like watching a sequel and the movie is an hour longer than the predecessor. Wayne was in a new space and direction with this album. I am no doctor, but he looks healthier and happy. He is doing commercials and doing sit-downs with Elliot Wilson. (Shout out to Elliot Wilson) He is the owner of Young Money Records.

What Prez liked about Carter V?

  • The Intro is strong. “I Love You Dwayne” has Wayne’s mother speaking to him
  • “Don’t Cry” featuring XXXTENTACION has great verses by Lil Wayne and a great hook by XXX.
  • It is a tragedy that we lost XXX because he could have made great with Wayne and other artists
  • “Dedicate” was good but Wayne could have went deeper on his influence on today’s hip hop
  • “Uproar” gave New York “Special Delivery” flashbacks.
  • “Let It Fly” feels like a Travis Scott song with Wayne, but it still works on this album.
  • “Mona Lisa” featuring Kendrick Lamar is the crown jewel of this album.
  • “Perfect Strangers” reminds of the shift in moody R&B records and how I enjoy Wayne doing these records even thou he isn’t a singer.



Final Grades

Wayne did this with no rollout or bizarre stuff( I’m looking at you Kanye). He got the apology from Birdman and just said Carter V  coming soon. The production on the album is great. Wayne picked great features, which makes me confident his ability to be a sole owner of Young Money. I’ll give this a solid 8 out of 10. It can be heard on streaming sites.





October 6th, 2018

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