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#FMTrends: Wale Proves his “Staying Power” on New Track

#FMTrends: Wale Proves his “Staying Power” on New Track


 Wale Proves his “Staying Power” on New Track

The news spread like wildfire that Wale had parted ways with Atlantic Records, shortly after Wale released “Staying Power” making it very clear that he had parted ways with Atlantic “Lately been feelin’ like niggas doubt me/Trust me, they don’t got no staying power/Left Atlantic, about a minute later/Every record label try and scout me.”




Wale created three studio albums under the Atlantic Records umbrella before leaving early February, then shortly after released his anti-Valentine’s Day anthem “All-Star Break-Up” just before All-Star Weekend. He has definitely been on grind mode dispite the split that he stated was his decision, Wale also stated that he is still on good terms with his former label. The way he has been releasing music we can feel that this will not be a bump in the road for his career.

“#Stayingpower is perfect for niggas that’s grindin RIGHT now .. cuz that’s what I’m doin ..I fell in love wit da grind again,”

Produced by AyyDot, Wale plays with his flow on the track, any real fan would be hyped to hear Wale back to his boasting and bragging about his lyrical skillset. That’s what Wale is known for and rightfully so! Wale finishes the track by saying “I can out-rap my opponents”, and “I’m back in my zone”.


Check out “Staying Power” below

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Khadira Savage

March 5th, 2018

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