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#FMTrends: Watch Lil Jon Show his Gratitude in “Alive” (Video)

#FMTrends: Watch Lil Jon Show his Gratitude in “Alive” (Video)



Watch Lil Jon Show his Gratitude in “Alive” (Video)


Lil Jon has been selling platinum records for the past 22 years but this one tops the cake in my book! “Alive” is a high energy track that features 2 other Atlanta based rap stars 2Chains and Offset. Rap Gospel is the best way to describe this track, it definitely gives you life and helps you find gratitude for being “Alive”. 

“I went in the lab wanting to do something current but with energy,” Lil Jon told XXL in a recent interview. “Most hip-hop songs today have a lot of energy”. Produced  by Lil Jon, Party Favor, and Fki 1st




The video for “Alive” is animated and shows the trio being unfazed by everything that comes at them! When you are prayed up there isn’t much that can faze you, situations happen and they bounce off you like a rubber ball! In the video, we see Offset being rammed by an orange speeding car, rather than getting ran over Offset makes the car bounce off of him and then has a joyride of the hood of the car blowing blue smoke as he rides through a maze of bouncy animated booties! 2Chains breezes through in a royal blue fur bouncing through the booty maze right along with Lil Jon and Offset!





“We just wrote about being thankful for life and what we have! I say all the time when someone asks me how I am, ‘I woke up today, I’m alive.’ Basically meaning people complain about so much, but you know what…you’re alive. Some people don’t wake up.”

Lil Jon has recently penned a deal with Geffen Records, I’m sure we are all looking forward to more tracks like this Lil Jon this year! Let’s keep this same energy for the next hit! Okkk


Check out the video for “Alive” below

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Khadira Savage

March 19th, 2018

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