#Cherry Juice

#FreshJuice: YBN Almighty J Break Up and Make Up with Blac Chyna

#FreshJuice: YBN Almighty J Break Up and Make Up with Blac Chyna

#WELLDAMN: YBN Almighty J calls it quits with Blac Chyna, only to fall right back into her arms.

Over the weekend , things were not all sunshine and rainbows between Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty J. On Sunday (May 6th) the 18 year old rapper deleted all pictures of  Blac Chyna from his Instagram page.  The two had to be going through some petty drama, the XXL Freshman candidate posted a picture of urban model India Love with the heart-eye emoji. Basically shooting his shot, trying to get her attention.

Chyna didn’t address what was going on online and is still pretty much silent on what actually happened. YBN Almighty J joined in on a recent Zoey Dollaz Instagram Live session spilling TEA on his relationship status. “I cut her off bro,” he wrote. “I’m a free man.” Without saying any names everyone knew who he was talking about.

It appears that YBN Almighty J was just trying to get under Chyna’s skin. The 29 year old mother of two was unbothered by this young mans antics. She’s gearing up for her birthday turn-up.


Birthday week 🎂

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It wasn’t long before YBN Almighty was posting his bae back on his Instagram once again with the a heart and the lock & key emoji .

This relationship may be the epitome of childish , literally. Poor YBN Almighty J, his cougar momma Chyna definitely has a hold on him.

To each his own.

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May 10th, 2018

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