#HipHop4Her: Being A Threat To The Female Race

#HipHop4Her: Being A Threat To The Female Race

Females have a tendency to do this thing. I say thing because there’s no specific name for it. It is this prejudice, stereotypical, assumption about other females. I only know because it has happened to me plenty of times. Females judge the female who is confident, into her self, beautiful, fashionable, with the resting bitch face. “She’s stuck up, she’s a bitch, or she thinks she’s all that.” Mean while the girl that’s being judged is nothing like what they make her out to be. She could be the most down to earth, friendly, and modest person. But females are so quick to judge each other off appearance, rather than giving the person a chance.

There are a lot of reasons for the quick judgment given by women. It could be insecurity, intimidation, jealousy or straight up hating. Women fail to support and uplift one another, there is a constant competition going on. Why is it that women feel threatened by those who hold themselves to a higher stature?

Men have been known to compete with one another, whether it is healthy or unhealthy. They compete over the physicality and status of life. Women compete over who has the better clothes, shoes, attractiveness and personality. So of course women are going to feel threatened when one woman has more of a quality than they do. There are five main characteristics that can make a woman a threat to another woman.

  1. Beauty: Being beautiful is both a blessing and a curse. Other females are more likely to make up a reason not to like you because they feel threatened by your looks. Any single female is going to consider you as competition for the most eligible bachelor. Weight also plays a factor in being beautiful, if you have the summer body all year around other girls will be green with envy.
  2. Brains: If you’re beautiful and educated that’s a double threat. It’s intimidating to be around a female that is very into her books. Whether it is library or text book. Especially if you’re friends with her. But this can also motivate you to do better in class, read the newspaper more often and learn some new dictionary words.
  3. Fashion Forward: If you stay up on the latest fashion trends and are giving endless chic-ness then yes, be prepared for the stare downs. You’ll have females wishing they were you with the way you dress.
  4. Confidence: Nothing is wrong with being confident and loving your self. That’s what you should be doing. Confident, is different from being an egotistical bitch always remember that.
  5. Strong personality: Letting everyone know who you are and not being sorry for it can make other women feel intimidated by you. Making it less likely for you to be invited to girls night out, or sleep overs.

If you’re a woman who possesses all of these qualities consider your self a predator and other females the prey. There’s absolutely no reason to feel bad about having desired traits, even if other females don’t like you. You will find a group of females who are just like you, that will uplift you and appreciate you just as much as you appreciate them.



July 6th, 2015

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