#FM Artist Spotlight

#FMSpotlight: Jentile “Bump in the Night” Feat. Jaetunes

#FMSpotlight: Jentile “Bump in the Night” Feat. Jaetunes

Listen: Jentile “Bump in the Night” Ft. Jaetunes



Multi-genre songwriter and performer Jentile (@jentilemusic) has released his new single “Bump In the Night”, featuring JAETUNES.

“Bump In the Night” is a song that explores the struggles of wrestling with anxiety, addiction, and fear. The song comes from the artists’ own struggles as well as the grace he has received through the gospel of Jesus to find peace in the pain.

Walford “Wally” Guillaume | IG @wallywall$treet | Twitter @wallywall$treet

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Walford Guillaume

December 31st, 2019

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