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#FMTrends: King Combs Proves He’s a ’90’s Baby’ in Debut Mixtape [Audio]

#FMTrends: King Combs Proves He’s a ’90’s Baby’ in Debut Mixtape [Audio]

King Combs, '90s Baby'

“King Combs bringing Bad Boy back.”

In the last few years, we’ve seen the children of the Golden Age stepping out on the scene. Big Pun’s son, Chris Rivers, for one, has been killing it with his weekly freestyles. Who’s next to step up? Diddy’s son, Christian “King” Combs now has dropped his debut tape, 90’s Baby.

In the past few months, King has been making some noise with his “Love You Better” featuring Chris Brown. A mix of East Coast and West Coast vibes, 90’s Baby is a fresh take on ’90s classics with samples from Tupac, Nas, Big Pun, The Fugees, and more big hitters of the time. My “Bad Boy” playlist was most certainly put in rotation to continue the nostalgic vibes.
In a HypeBeast exclusive, King declares “I am the epitome of a ’90s baby.” “I have been greatly influenced by Bad Boy artists, but driven and inspired by my generation to be authentic,” he continued. “I am forever inspired by the smooth vibes of the late ’90s music. The mixtape is a soundtrack of my childhood and journey to this release. I observed and absorbed all of the energy musically that surrounded me as I was present while many classic records were being made.”

Watch: King Comb’s “Eyez On C”

While King is living his father’s legacy, as his four-year-old self-mimics his father on the cover, it’s clear that he’s striving to make a name for himself. Diddy makes an appearance, and of course as Puff Daddy. The 12-track tape also features RJ, ShaqnLivin, TreyLivin and more from his CYN clique.
90’s Baby pushes King Combs further into the spotlight, and we’re ready to see what else he can bring to the table. Take a listen below, and watch the Kaito-directed visual for “All Eyez on C” above.
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April 14th, 2018

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