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Lupe Fiasco Releases New Album Drogas Wave [Link]

Lupe Fiasco Releases New Album Drogas Wave [Link]

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Lupe Fiasco Releases New Album Drogas Wave

Salutations and blessings from above FM Trendsetters! In midst of the 12th anniversary of his classic debut album, “Food and Liquor“, conscious Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco releases another conscious and truth filled memoir entitled “Drogas (Spanish term for “drugs”) Wave“.  This album was released a few days ago and embarks on a journey through the concept of slavery, drugs, violence, and new found freedom in comparison with the perception of these subjects to this day, within the music industry and the world.  This concept is embodied in  the album art of a manilla, a bracelet-like form of currency used in the African slave trade with Portugal, and its shadow. Lupe draws a parallel between the manillas and African American culture throughout the album .  The artist’s relationship with God also plays a beneficial factor, as he expresses concerns and disdain within his reflective and prominent lyricism.  Here is an exclusive review of the tracks found on this album. Enjoy:

  1. In The Event of Typhoons: Read by Leila Z. Braimah-Mahamah, this poem was next to the infamous J.M.W. Turner painting The Slave Ship, which pictures slaves overthrown, dead and dying, overboard, flesh eaten by fish, in the event of a typhoon, which envisions the music industry and the “crab in a barrel” mind set for some of the artists, as well as people in general.  In order to get to the top, you have to keep your own at the bottom. Sad but facts.
  2. Drogas: After the first track, in which set the mood for the album, comes this Latin track, produced by long time producer and associate Soundtrakk. The track brings the parallel of drugs and peace through violence. Similar to society today.  “God is my drug, if not what am I addicted to?” The translation to the main idea of this concerto. Lupe raps the whole song in Spanish.
  3. Manilla: The essence of his album cover art.  The main idea of the album.  Bars associated with the mainstream perception in the rap game of the glory for voluptuous women (booty tracks) among other commodities that mentally enslave us as artists and listeners.  The comparison of modern society and social media with the very tactics and tools used against our ancestors in slavery.
  4.  Gold vs the Right Thing To Do: Lupe does another language jump where now he raps in the Caribbean dialect of patois.  This track explains trading “gold” or whats valuable for one’s righteousness.

There are 20 more tracks that all use the same human concept of trading others’ self respect and righteousness for whats in value or the next “wave”, and how staying grounded in God delivers us from this mind state, as well as avoiding manipulation of scriptural texts.  Along with maintaining a kingdom mind state. All of which was the main idea surrounding the Atlantic Slave Trade in the 1800s. Prepare your mind, body, spirit and ears to awesome lyricism, deep messages of faith and strength as well as awareness of the surroundings of our society.  This 24 track album definitely deserves a standing ovation and a thumbs up from me, not only as a reviewer, but also as a listener and a Black man in observation of my environment.  Listen for yourself:


[Click here to hear the album Drogas Wave by Lupe Fiasco, courtesy of Apple iTunes]


Source:  Genius.com, iTunes

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September 26th, 2018

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