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#FMTrends: Meekend Music 2 Release More Wins than Losses

#FMTrends: Meekend Music 2 Release More Wins than Losses

#FMTrends: Meekend Music 2 Release More Wins then Losses

  Meekend Music 2 Release More Wins than Losses

Meekend Music 2 the latest mixtape from Philly rapper Meek Mills dropped July 4th just in time to be played at the bbq’s and block parties. The mixtape serves as four track appetizer before he drops the main dish his album Wins and Losses. The mixtape starts off with the heart-felt song save me a song Meek teased the world with before the mixtape. On the track Meek starts off talking about how he fell in love with the streets and how getting money had him running wild and not being around his son and hoping that his son understood and would forgive him, while people often clown Mill’s for always talking about his rolex watches this song he left the rollie talk off and is genuinely asking for someone to save him from friends that are no good for him and females as well ,won’t say any names but one can guess who he is talking about when it comes to females.

The next track Young Nigga Dreams featuring YFN Lucci and Barcellini is Meek refusing to apologize for living his dreams, expressing how he went from being broke and suffering and feeling pain to living like a king and having everything he dreamed of, you could listen to this song and take it as him saying “if you walked in my shoes you could see why I brag like I do”.

Are you in loyalty debt? #saveme #myfavoritesong

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The third track Organized Chaos featuring Eearz has a bouncy rowdy feel to it, with gritty I’m always ready for war lyrics that makes you bop your head with your best Ice grill on. The final track is Bag Talk the beat is crazy and Mill’s Lyrics about distrust and fake love that exist in his environment paints a vivid picture for you to feel his pain. Meekend Music 2 leaves you wanting more and anticipating Wins and Losses, take a listen below.


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July 10th, 2017

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