#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice: Is the world ready for a Migos Movie?

#CherryJuice: Is the world ready for a Migos Movie?


Is the world ready for a Migos Movie?

Migos on the big screen is the world ready for that? I’m not sure if the world is but apparently, The Migos are. Before blessing the stage on the premiere of MTV’s TRL reboot. The group had an interview with Beats 1 radio personality Zane Lowe, During the Interview, Zane Lowe asked the mega group what was up next for them? Offset quickly responded “movies, my boy Quavo writing the scripts, he says. “He been in that kitchen trying to whip up”. Quavo himself went on to say




“I’m a 90’s baby and all my favorite movies got all my dope artist in ‘em. After that statement, he went on to list the films he was inspired by. “Juice, Menace 2 society, all the Snoop Dogg movies, Master P movies, I got the Hookup, Baller Blockin’ The Big Tymers movie. That’s what we’re doing right now looking into scripts” Migos have been making major moves so trying to get into film would take their mega group status over the top. For years getting into movies for rappers has been a part of the agenda some went other routes and tried sports but film is like the go-to thing to do after making a mark in rap. So many Artist have gone on to make it big in film and Television, from Ice –T, Ice Cube , Will Smith and so on and so forth. Migos came into the rap game starting new trends what if they can do the same thing for film that would be a huge feat for them. Even though the films Quavo named are what some can consider being gritty street movies what if they surprised us all and did a romantic comedy starring Offset and Cardi B. Just an Idea. Quavo if you like my idea all I need is five percent.

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Sources: Youtube, Beats 1

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October 5th, 2017

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