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#FMTrends: Nas Album Is Finally Done!

#FMTrends: Nas Album Is Finally Done!


#FMTrends: Nas Album Done | FM HipHop | #1 For Trap, HipHop & RnB

It’s Been Five Years, Nas Album Is Finally Done


The wait may finally really be over, with no release date set in stone the buzz of a possible album release has the internet going crazy. Nas recently sat with Billboard for an interview and confirmed that he in fact was almost done with his newest album; which has yet to be named. Its been five years since we have heard an album from Nas.

The ” Life is Good” album had features from Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige and the Late Amy Winehouse. You can’t help but be curious to know who will be featured on this upcoming album, with recent news of Mr. Nasty and Nicki Minaj having sleep overs and the amount of celebrities Nas rubs elbows with on a daily basis this is sure to be just what the doctor ordered.

Nas teased us with “Nas Album Done” off DJ Khalid’s Major Key Album back in 2016. That track has us all open and awaiting the release of this upcoming project! For all of us that love substance over your average mumble rapper the news of Nas finally being done with his album sounds like its going to be a hot summer!

Although it’s been five years since the release of an album from Nas  the wordsmith has made sure to keep himself very busy with executive producing “Monster” which is said to be starring Jennifer Hudson and ASAP Rocky as well as “The get down” Netflix series and the upcoming BET pilot “Street Dreams” also are projects Nas played a part in.

The Average hip hop head will have the bar set up high, beats and lyrics will matter. Nevertheless, there aren’t many people that would say out loud that Nas has ever created an album that was a disappointment to their expectations.

Tagged the second coming of Rakim, Nas has always and continues to keep us on our toes.

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Khadira Savage

May 28th, 2017

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