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[NEW MUSIC] Maria Rose “Scorpio”

[NEW MUSIC] Maria Rose “Scorpio”

Friends, throughout life, come and go like the seasons. In my experience, I’ve had compadres swear up and down that their loyalty was solid, that they’d never leave my side. Then, alas, months later, I was discarded like yesterday’s news. But what happens when your friends with someone who’s just not right for you or your well-being?

Maria Rose‘s “Scorpio” forewarns you about friends that are, in actuality, snakes in the grass. Rather than dwell on a former friend’s betrayal, she sees it more as a loss for them. She sings lyrics like, “Every time you breathe, the topic of my name gives you air. When you think of me, your horns reveal from under your hair,” and “Better beware, she always comes in disguise. Conniving, fake to face, backstabbing, words to describe, that girl.”

Like her beauty, Rose’s tonality is rich. The “Shades of Red” singer displays clear-cut riffs and a deep, soulful register. “I would describe my sound as dreamy Pop/R&B combined with electronic elements and a touch of 2000s throwback,” Rose adds “This song was a positive way to make my most vile friendship into art. She was the devil, and so I wrote about it! Sometimes what is bad for your heart is fantastic for your art darling.” Production-wise, “Scorpio” carries a playful, high-pitched piano number that switches its tempo throughout the listen. The soundscape also uses sporadic hi-hats and a violin at the one-minute and fourty-four second mark.

Read more about Maria Rose below. Make sure to listen to “Scorpio” as well.

Me: Who is Maria Rose? What does your moniker derive from?

Maria Rose is a 4’10 one of a kind, show stopping, Indie Pop as-SASS-in with many splits and hair flips. Yup. That’s me. I always had an obsession with roses. I drew them every time I had a pen in my hand growing up and I still do till this day.

Me: Is there a certain theme you aim for when creating your music?

Each project I make are experiences ripped out of my life written onto paper and made into melodic form. I want the listeners to relate and hopefully I can give them some musical therapy. I cover themes like mental health, toxic friendships, heartbreak, longing for love and inspirations. All of these themes are highlighted in my debut EP “Midnight Thoughts”. The things that keep us all awake.

 Me: One thing you do before hopping in the booth:

Get snatched for the Gods. Black leather and tea… Sorry that’s three…

Me: One line that you enjoyed making off of “Scorpio”:

The lyric “As time goes by I’ll make history. Be glad your identity is a mystery”. I was listening to a lot of Janet Jackson from the Control era and I really wanted to  write one last spoken part with a dramatic ending! Janet style. It sums up my feelings on the whole situation.

Me: Where should someone be when listening to your new song?

Everywhere and anywhere! I’m available on all music platforms and for the visual experience check out my videos on YouTube. For best results blast it in a car or club.

Me: The concept behind your video for “Scorpio”:

I am very much in love with the 1800’s and 1980’s So I brought the two together. I was inspired by movies like Interview With The Vampire, Labyrinth, and Legend. There are a lot of hidden objects in the video that are symbolic in many ways to the song. It took months to put together! I painted the piano, made costumes and even bought a live scorpion. I am so proud of it. Its my favorite video I’ve done thus far.

Me: One thing you do to stay positive:

My marriage to music and art. That keeps me motivated.

Me: Inspirations:

To name a few I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without Prince, Britney Spears, & Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga. But honestly there are way too many to name! I talk about many of my influences in my song “Unchanged”. It is my love letter to my inspirations that are no longer with us. My tribute.

Me: Things you’re excited about in 2020:

Get ready for the Rose Revolution. I’ve got some secret projects in the works. I cannot wait for everyone to see and hear the next era. There is much more of The Rose you have yet to see. This is only the beginning.

Me: Whats your creative process?

All of my ideas come to me late usually past midnight. When I am away from life’s distractions. I only get writers block when I stop having dreams at night. Dreams and nightmares dictate and inspire my writing a lot. Sounds crazy but it’s true! I often have too many ideas and have to edit them constantly. I’m kind of a musical vampire.

Me: Word of advice to those who aspire to be musicians:

Be yourself unapologetic-ally. Never sacrifice your artistic vision. And don’t forget to smize.

Me: One artist you’d like to collaborate with:

Lady Gaga. I would do anything for that woman.


Natalee Gilbert

March 22nd, 2020

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