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#FMSpotlight – NUEX “Billie” (Official Video)

#FMSpotlight – NUEX “Billie” (Official Video)

NUEX “Billie” (Official Video)

NUEX (@wearenuex)release their music video for “Billie” off their debut EP AFFECTUS. The song, which chronicles the longing for success and the molding of a personality to appeal to others, highlights the highs and lows of being devoured by a cruel and shallow world that is obsessed with fame and fortune.

“Named after Billie Holiday, who after a monumental career of firsts and achievements, died an alcoholic with cents to her name, ‘Billie’ explores the psyche of the star and the struggle behind the desire to keep shining,” says the duo. The video is directed by Abe Vilchez Moran and Kunitaro Ohi.

AFFECTUS is available now on iTunes and all streaming outlets.

Artist Bio – NUEX

Camille, a budding singer-songwriter from DC, and Teddy, a well-traveled and seasoned musician, met serendipitously one day at a local eatery where they ended up chatting for hours about their musical pasts, present, and future over lunch.

Weekly phone conversations and long threads of text messaging eventually culminated into the two of them drinking mint juleps in Camille’s backyard, romancing over shared musical influences and imagining futures of sublime success. Out of the clouds and out of the blue, it was there that something was born between the two. Something NUEX.

Source: Billboard.com

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Walford Guillaume

November 5th, 2018

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