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#FMTrends: Post Malone Releases Surprise Song (LISTEN)

#FMTrends: Post Malone Releases Surprise Song (LISTEN)

Post Malone photographed by GQ

Post Malone’s New Single And What Caused His Rise to Fame

Since singer-songwriter Post Malone shot to fame in 2016, he has managed to stay on the top of the charts.  His latest album, “BeerBongs and Bentleys”, reached the top position on the Billboard 200. His smooth tone and laidback beats have reached this generation unlike any other artist has. Post has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in music today.

His genre is categorized as hip-hop, but he has pushed his boundaries more than most. Post has collaborated with artists that are opposite from his style, thus gaining fans with music tastes across the board. His ability to effortlessly mesh with other artists shows his musical talent is not limited to one genre. Justin Bieber is by no means new to music, but he is certainly new to the hip-hop world. He scored a collaboration from the superstar on his debut album Stoney. The connection was made when Bieber invited Post to open for him on tour. Post has even hopped on stage with John Mayer, where they both sang and rapped Post’s 2016 hit, “Congratulations”.

Post has also recently joined the soundtrack of the newest Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse. On December 23rd, he dropped his latest project, a surprise single titled “Wow”. Even without any promotion, “Wow” has accumulated over 53 million streams on Spotify. He debuted the song with a live performance to a packed house on December 29th at the Barclay Center. With a positive reaction from fans, it seems that everything Post touches turns to gold. Post is not looking to slow down any time soon as he took to Twitter to tease a new project in the near future.

Check out some fan reaction’s to the surprise:

[LISTEN]: Post Malone’s New Single “Wow”


Olivia Wurtz | IG: oliviaaa.23

Sources:  Twitter, Billboard, Spotify

Photo Credit: GQ

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Olivia Wurtz

January 7th, 2019

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