#Cherry Juice

#CherryJuice:  Allegations against Russell Simmons surface

#CherryJuice: Allegations against Russell Simmons surface



Hollywood must be full of secrets because another black public figure is being slammed for rape allegations. First, it was Bill Cosby, now it’s Russell Simmons. Jenny Lumet has released a statement about the time she was forced into sexual acts with the hip-hop mogul. NYTimes.com reported that Jenny said in her statement that she was 24 when the assault was made and during the night of the assault she was under the impression that Simmons was going to give her a ride home. When she got into the car is when she quickly realized Simmons had other plans for her that evening. Jenny admits that she very much so felt threatened and in the moment she just was more focused on keeping him calm, but she made it perfectly clear in her statement that she did not consent to have sex with him or going home with him.

“I desperately wanted to keep the situation from escalating,” she said. “I wanted you to feel that I was not going to be difficult. I wanted to stay as contained as I could.”

Due to these allegations, Russell has made the decision to step down from his position with his businesses.

“As the corridors of power inevitably make way for a new generation, I don’t want to be a distraction so I am removing myself from the businesses that I founded,” he said in a statement. “The companies will now be run by a new and diverse generation of extraordinary executives who are moving the culture and consciousness forward.”

Stories like these can cause you to question the situation a lot but we are hopeful and will continue to keep Russell and Jenny in our prayers through this challenging moment. May the truth be set freed and hopefully these two adults can handle this situation in a grown up like manner!



December 6th, 2017

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