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#FMSports Talk With The Sanchez Show: The Takeover continues

#FMSports Talk With The Sanchez Show: The Takeover continues



“This is much more than rap, it’s black entrepreneur
Clothin’, movie, and films, we come to conquer it all”
-Jay Z “4 da fam”

The Takeover continues

Jay, you forgot to mention sports.

He tried to tell us back in 2000. After years of dominating the rap game, he’s starting to lay claim to the sports world. With the recent announcement of Jay as the Creative Director of Puma’s basketball division, he’s firmly placed himself at the center of the sports world.

We were surprised when he became a minority owner of the Nets. Then he shocked us with the creation of Roc Nation sports agency and immediately signing big name athletes. But, this move with Puma might be what puts him in a different category.

Just look at last nights NBA Draft as proof. Four of the top 16 players selected recently signed with Puma. Sports agencies and sneaker companies battle all year around to attach themselves to the top NBA prospects. And, though, Hov had been linked to Puma since last summer, they literally laid in the cut and moved in silence.



When the news broke that top prospects DeAndre Ayton and Marvin Bagley III were choosing Puma over Nike and Adidas, everyone was stunned. Until we found out Jay was running things at Puma, then it all made sense.

Puma created their lane in hip-hop with Meek Mill and Rihanna. Now they’re making waves in sports and Jay is making sure they come out the gate hot!

Being the talk of the town pre-draft means nothing.¬†¬†Ayton and Bagley going 1st and 2nd in last night’s Draft, though. Now you’ve got our attention Puma. I think you have Nike and Adidas attention too.


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Eric Sanchez

June 25th, 2018

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