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#CherryJuice: ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ star Alvester Martin – ‘Love Me or Leave Me’

#CherryJuice: ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ star Alvester Martin – ‘Love Me or Leave Me’

Alvester Martin

The reality star steps to the forefront with new album


Alvester Martin’s debut album, Love Me or Leave Me, is the result of years of hard work and dedication to his craft. His singing career is what initially brought him from his native Florida to California, although he gained prominence for his talents as a dancer. Martin’s work with Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and other stars made him one of the most sought after dancers in the country, and led to his casting on the Lifetime reality show, “Vivica’s Black Magic.” On the now cancelled series, male exotic dancers trained and performed under Ms. Fox’s tutelage in the hopes of gaining a residency in Las Vegas. Martin quickly became the central performer, and his isolation from the other castmembers and clashes with choreographer Darrin Henson seemed to increase with each episode.

“There was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes,” Martin told FM Hip Hop when asked about his portrayal on the show. “I can look back at myself and call myself out and say I wasn’t mature enough to understand the business part of it. Halfway through the shooting and filming, I did get it. You have a show, and at the end of the day, if I’m honest, Vivica and Alvester are what’s bringing the viewers. That’s what’s going to bring the viewers to the show, so I have to fall on the cross for the success of the show.”

There were also emotional confrontations between Martin and Fox herself, a series creator and executive producer. Present day, however, Martin says the two have no problems. “Vivica and I are actually really cool,” he shared during a phone interview. “We have a great conversation over any weekend. We sit there and we laugh and talk. We talked about things that production kept from her, things that production kept from me– for the good of the show and for entertainment.

“The only thing I didn’t like about it, and I told Vivica this, I fell into the trap of going against another black talent– as far as herself and Darrin,” he continued. “It’s hard enough for African-Americans to get in the industry period, wherever you are. I don’t like that I played a part in tearing down other black respectable talent. That’s my only L from that that I own.”

All in all, Martin is grateful for the experience, and credits “Vivica’s Black Magic” for putting a spotlight on him as a person. “In an Instagram/social media society, we’re looking for attention. Not in a bad way, but the bigger platform you have, the more positive things you can do,” he explained. “I thank ‘Black Magic’ because it took me from being the silent background dancer to, ‘Oh my goodness– he has a voice, he has a personality.’ Either you’re going to like it or you’re going to not like it. Hence the title of my album, Love Me or Leave Me.”

Download Alvester Martin’s Love Me or Leave Me on iTunes and other digital outlets, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


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Brownie Marie

February 9th, 2018

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