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#FreshJuice: “Yikes” Eric Bellinger Throws Shots at Tory Lanez [Listen]

#FreshJuice: “Yikes” Eric Bellinger Throws Shots at Tory Lanez [Listen]

Eric Bellinger, "Yikes"

And the R&B Beef Continues! Eric Bellinger takes aim at Tory Lanez in new single, “Yikes.”

Eric Bellinger and Tory Lanez have had a back and forth for a long time now. While there’s always been something between the two, things didn’t start to get really heated until Tory Lanez dropped his sophomore album, Memories Don’t Die, earlier this month. On the album, Tory Lanez took subliminal shots at Bellinger in “Hate to Say.”

Listen: Tory Lanez, “Hate to Say”


“R&B ni**as with Sisqó haircuts, wilding and styling

They dissing, guess they just tryna go viral.” (3:07) 

What is a man to do when another man makes fun of his haircut? Diss him on his own instrumental, of course! He begins the track with “Memories Don’t Die / but I can’t say the same for you.” Talk about going for the jugular – clearly, Bellinger is not here to play.

Listen: Eric Bellinger, “Yikes”

“Your only talent is mimicking anyone that’s talented

Released a couple singles to ya fans, you was red hot

Surely had a change of heart the day after ya album dropped

Stole a vibe from Trey Songz, took a flow of from K. Dot

Kinda sound like Fetty Wap

Damnit Tory, when will it stop?


After releasing “Yikes,” Bellinger sat down with Big Boy’s Neighborhood where Big Boy pops the question: “What the hell is going on with you and Tory Lanez?”

“I never even intended on responding… I wasn’t even worried about it. It’s a song, cool,” Bellinger says.”But I kept seeing him and the way he was talking in these interviews with such disrespect. It was like, ‘Cool, I’mma go ahead and head to the studio.'”

Watch the full interview below, fast forward to 10:12 to hear about Tory Lanez.

Watch: Eric Bellinger Explains Beef With Tory Lanez on Big Boy’s Neighborhood


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March 31st, 2018

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