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A Soccer Match Loses Drake Over $800.000



Drake Soccer Bet Costs Big Money
Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski. Image source: Getty Images.

Billboard Chart-topping rapper Drake lost over 800,000$ after a two-leg parlay went awry. Drake, now known for his ever-grandiose sports bets, made a costly error during the annual soccer match called “El Classico.”

Drake’s bet rested on two well-known and historical soccer teams winning their respective matches. So he bet on Arsenal FC, the currently first-ranked in the Premier League, besting lower-tiered Leeds United. A safe bet, to be sure.

The second part of the parlay was much less specific. Drake predicted Barcelona’s victory in the annual rivalry between Spanish teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Drake’s Big Bet

The day started well for Drake during the premier league match. Arsenal defeated Leeds United in a wholly unremarkable game. Following the Gunner’s latest victory in England, Drake turned his attention southward towards one of the most famous soccer rivalries in the sport’s history.

A Classic Rivalry

The match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid always takes priority over any other game unfortunate enough to occur on the same day. These two teams are in the upper echelon of the football pedigree. Both teams are historic and hold some of the most devout fans anywhere. Quite an accomplishment, given the beautiful game’s reputation for ravenous fans. This match also came during a season where both teams performed well. This match indeed held the eyes of every soccer fan the world over.

With the world watching Real Madrid soundly beat Barcelona 3-1 as such millions of people watched as Drake lost the money in real-time.

Drake and Sports Betting

Drake’s support of Barcelona comes as no surprise. The two brands began linking up in recent moves, culminating in Barcelona wearing Drake’s signature owl design as part of their kit.

Drake’s latest foray into the world of soccer brings to light the monstrous surge in the popularity of sports betting got over the past few months. It is hard not to notice the recent tsunami of ads invoking the fun and potential profit of the industry. So much so that it is estimated sports betting as an industry produced around three billion dollars in profit last year. No doubt Drake and other high-profile celebrities’ recent endorsement of the service helped to create its fair share of that number.

While Drake suffered a loss, which made him the butt of several Real Madrid players’ jokes, he will continue betting on sports. If he’s any indication, it also seems plausible he won’t be the only one. Sports betting continues to grow astronomically. So fans likely haven’t seen the last insane parlay from the rapper yet.

Written by Ryan Fields

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