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#Cherry Juice

#Cherry Juice: Meg Thee Stallion Sues Her Label



Meg Thee Stallion Sues 1501 Certified Entertainment!

Before we get another Hot Girl Summer, Meg and her label will have to battle in court. The Houston rapper claims her label signed her to a deal with back-breaking terms and refuses to negotiate. She also claims that the label has threatened to block her from releasing new music. A Texas judge granted her a restraining order against her label. This allows her to put out new music.

How Did Meg Thee Stallion Get Here?

Meg Thee Stallion signed a new management deal with Roc Nation in September. This is coming off a string of hits and her debut album Fever. She announced via Instagram Live that her latest album Suga would be delayed. The hashtag #FreeTheeStallion was invented to raise awareness of her contract situation. Meg was 20 years old when she signed her contract with 1501 Certified Entertainment. She claims that the label takes 60 percent of her recording income, 30 percent of her touring income, and 30 percent of the money she makes off merchandise. The label doesn’t assist in paying the producers, the engineers, and featured artists that Meg works with. Roc Nation pointed out the details of her contract, which led to her suing.

Final Thoughts

It is sad to say, but artists versus the labels on terrible contracts is just another day in the industry. Many took to social media to bash Meg for signing a contract at 20 and now is having to fight her label in court. Those people don’t know that legends have been in terrible contracts. Artists are fighting daily for their publishing, masters or owed money. We have seen Lil Wayne not release music until recently until he was paid what he was owed. I hope Meg gets a new deal or is let out that contract. She hopes to put out her new album in May.

Sources: Rolling Stone/ Complex

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