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Conway “The Machine” Reflects on the Instrumentalism of Mental Health Therapy



On May 22, Conway the Machine was found reflecting on the critical nature of mental health and how seeking therapy has helped him on his journey. And his reflection and message are truly inspirational.

Mental Health Month/Conway’s Resounding Message

For those unaware, this month is mental health month. It is a month set aside for educating the masses on the crucial nature of an issue all too prevalent, mental illness. According to NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness),

“One in five adults experiences mental illness each year, and fewer receive treatment.”

But despite its widespread reach, it is an age-old battle. Unfortunately, it has been met with significant stigma for years, often to the detriment of the community and society. As Conway told Zane Lowe in his recent interview,

“Growing up in a hood, particularly with young men, in the communities and stuff we look at wanting to get therapy and stuff like that, it’s like; I don’t know, a slight, I guess.”

Sadly he is dead on. Nevertheless, the times are changing. And greater attention to the issue has taken center stage. In fact, the promotion of the benefits of seeking help is becoming a powerful tool for change. And this is a beautiful thing.

The Exchange

Conway recently sat down with Apple Music to promote a new drop. However, the conversation expanded beyond his project to encompass a variety of subjects, one of which included mental health. The artist kept it open and honest, especially in the discourse on his mental health journey. He spoke about taking the time to focus on his mental health, expounding on its benefits. In the conversation, he made mention of his time away to achieve mental balance. He said,

“Sometimes you got to turn it off and let it rest for a few minutes and turn it back on and reboot it.”

He further gave detail on how taking the time to recalibrate was a benefit to his craft. Essentially mental rest was helpful in his bounce back to his music. Not only did pursuing therapy help him return to that passion, but elevated his output. In his words,

“It got me to the point where I’m back making music; I think, some of my best music.”

Conway’s Ongoing Work

Conway’s recent project release includes a new project and an accompanying documentary. The project’s title (album) is “Won’t He Do It.” And it’s a project that encompasses some premiere artists, which include: Benny the Butcher, Fabolous, Juicy J., Ransom, and more.

This is all a prelude to Conway’s upcoming  “Won’t He Do It”, tour; which is slated to start on May 26. The kick-off is expected to take place in the “windy city” none other than “Chi-Town,” formally known as Chicago.

Summing it Up

Conway proves that even one person can lead the way when speaking their truth. It doesn’t take a lot; just one voice can cause a ripple lending to lasting change. With that, we tip our hats alongside putting up a hip-hop salute.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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