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#FM Artist Spotlight

#FM Artist Spotlight: Ty Balla, The Next Mastermind in Music?



Ty Balla, the Next Music Mogul?

Today’s musicians are in a new world. Musical content is at an all time high. Artists come with sponsorships and merchandise options. Rappers of yesteryear just wanted to rap. Today, that isn’t going to cut it. My artist spotlight is Ty Balla. He is an artist that founded his own label,Balla Bros. They have a hungry talented roster. Along with the music, they got clothing on sale as well. Ty Balla is young to the game as he only has been rapping since February 2017.

What Got Ty Balla into Music?

Ty has always been around hip hop. He never took it serious until his grandfather passed. He likens his ability to Travis Scott. Travis Scott’s versatility is something he admires. His 2 biggest inspirations are 2pac and Beyoncé. Ty Balla respects Tupac’s everlasting legacy and hopes to carve one for himself. He also loves the God-like adoration Beyoncé receives. Ty pointed out how she never rests on her accomplishments and continues to climb the mountain. He wants to make music to leave an imprint on this world. Ty writes, raps, sings and even writes for singers on his label.

Ty Balla’s 2020 Vision

The Balla Bros expect big things next year. Ty currently has “August28TH Vol. 2” out on all streaming platforms. The title is his late grandfather’s birthday. Ty and fellow label mate Kay Kapone are releasing a melodic R&B tape called “Tye-Kay” on Valentine’s Day. The first single, “I Need A Girl”, will be dropping on Christmas Day. A compilation project from the label is coming next summer. It will feature Ty Balla, Kay Kapone, R.Nize, China Chanel, and Fuze. They released Balla Brothers: The Mixtape Volume 1 in May 2019. The project only had Ty Balla, Kay Kapone and R.Nize on it.  In November 2020, Ty will release his debut album. You can follow Ty Balla on Instagram, @tyballa24.

Sources: Instagram

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