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#FM Trends: Nicki Minaj to Retire from Rap Game



Nicki Minaj to Retire?

Rappers announcing their retirement is always hilarious to me. Probably because I am Sports fanatic and there is 2 professions that never stay retired and they are rappers and wrestlers. Jay-Z was supposed to retire after The Black Album and came back in 2006 with Kingdom Come and released about 4 solo albums. Joe Budden hung up the microphone and went into the podcasting booth. Nicki has Queen Radio and states she wants to start a family but what route is she going to take?

Comeback SZN?

I do not believe Nicki will stay away for good. She has stated that she had another album on the way. Nicki has a rabid fan base(the Barbs), can live in both rap and pop worlds, and has fashion and alcohol endorsements.  I could see her stepping away briefly to start a family. She would disappear and pop up for events and some awards every now and then. Nicki would then have a baby and start the rebrand. Her departure would leave a void in music. At times, the mega star can polarizing and detested. Coming back to into the industry as a wife and mother would reignite interest in her career.

What if Nicki Minaj Really Retires?

What if Nicki Minaj rides off into the sunset and chills for life? How would we remember her? The Female Rap Wave of the 2010s starts with her. She took the torch and ran with it and now the female rappers draw just as much as males. Cardi B is a superstar. Meg Thee Stallion has dominated the last 2 years.  Rhapsody is in a league with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.  Lizzo has a #1 record. If this is it for Nicki, she has shifted the culture. I didn’t mention even Kash Doll, City Girls and the other female rappers who have been prospering in this decade.

Sources: Queen Radio, Twitter

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