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#FMTrends: Megan The Stallion starts a campaign to clean up Santa Monica Beach



 Megan Thee Stallion’s First Hottie Beach Cleanup! 


Calling all Cali Hot girls!

In an effort to prevent global warming and help save the environment,  Megan Thee Stallion invited her hot girl stans to join her for a Santa Monica Pier beach cleanup.  The event was held June 6th. The FEVER rapper announced this eco-friendly event via Instagram live. She revealed how she wants to use her platform to raise awareness of climate change. “I’m about to get on my hot girl sh*t and start using less plastic and try to use the same water bottle — and I think I’m going to organize a beach clean up for all the hotties,” Megan said. “Ya’ll gotta come in ya’lls bikinis and we gonna go clean up some sh*t, you know what I’m saying?”

She dubbed the event, the first ever ‘Hottie Beach Cleanup,’ encouraging her fans to be Eco-friendly Hotties. She has also hinted at doing an addition clean up in her own hometown of Houston soon.

In her introductory speech, Meg said, “It’s not all about driving the motherf****g boat. We got sh*t to do. We got sh*t to save. Causes to motherf*****g fulfill. I really want to help. We’re going to clean this motherf****g beach up, and then we’re gonna drive the boat.”  After, she slipped on her gloves and got down to business.

Eco-Friendly Hotties

Megan doesn’t plan on stopping here! She took to Twitter to share tips to incorporate into her eco-friendly routine. She wants all her hotties to follow her example by using reusable bags, recycling and even changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Meg is among many young stars to use their platforms to promote eco-friendly behavior. Check out videos from the hottest event of the summer! Fingers crossed for more Hottie beach cleanups, maybe she’ll be in your city next!


Sources: TeenVogue, Twitter

Aziah Kamari Pless| IG: aziahkamari|Twitter:aziahkamari

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