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#FreshJuice: Joe Budden to Start Shows on Revolt and Spotify



The Rebrand is Real. Shoutout to Joe.

Joe Budden starts the Revolt TV show “State of The Culture” and his podcast signed a deal with Spotify. So we all know Joe Budden- either from “Pump It Up”, Slaughterhouse, Love and Hip Hop, Everyday Struggle and/or his podcast. We see athletes retire and go into the broadcast booth. Joe did the same move by going from a rapper to a media man. One thing I admire about Joe is the blunt honesty in his takes and interviews. He spares no one, often critiquing rappers that he is cool with.

How He Made the Moves?

So Joe did Everyday Struggle with Akademiks and Nadeska. I was late on the show. Personally, I wasn’t crazy about Joe Budden. The People came to Prez and said that I need to watch this its new, its fresh and innovative. So I started watching and the first show was the one with Lil Yachty. My initial reaction was Joe was hater during the interview, but the overall show was good. I kept watching, but only for the presence of Joe. When Joe left, the show left(check the numbers).

Why the Deal Matters?

State of The Culture starts on Monday, September 10th. The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal can be heard on Spotify on Wednesday, September 12. The deal matters for the content creators and podcasters. Streaming services all copy each other and will be in the market to find the next hot podcast. I hope Joe is successful in ventures. More rappers can retire to the broadcast booth and earn a living. The You Tubes of the world will have to take notice.

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