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Independent Artist Russ’ Studio On-The-Go



Russ Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor

Rapper and singer, Russ, has taken his creativity to another level to capture inspiration. The independent artist has a fully portable studio kit from his suitcase that he uses in hotel rooms. This is how he creates music on the go, including hits like Psycho Pt. 2. Russ is known for his success and breaking the barriers of being solo, especially after the announcement of his own independent label “DIEMON” earlier this year.

The Process

He explained how he sets up the studio on-the-go in a hotel room on TikTok. The hitmaker gave nice tips to DIY artists such as turning the air off to rid the vent noise and gave a quick step-by-step tutorial. Russ’ suitcase includes the audio interface, microphone, pop filter, and headphones to make some of his best music. He goes on to explain how simple the set-up is and that you only need one plug as well as his laptop.

@russAlso turn the air off to eliminate the vent noise. This is the exact setup for how I made psycho pt 2, aint nobody takin my baby, me you, begging you and a couple others♬ Psycho, Pt. 2 – Russ

Russ’ Verse On Ab-Soul’s New Album

“The other reason why I bring the Neumann {microphone} is very easy set-up. This is it, there’s no power supply, there’s no weird thing that’s gotta hold up the mic,” Russ further describes in the video. The songwriter then points at his hotel bed, where he sits to make some of our favorites. He even drops a fun fact that he recorded his verse on “Go Off,” also featuring Big Sean on the Ab-Soul album coming out next week, with his studio on-the-go in Rio.

What’s next?

Furthermore, the indie artist recently teased his new project. Russ responded to fans on Twitter inquiring about his follow-up after last year’s Chomp 2The New Jersey native said his fans can look forward to an “ambitious” lineup of guests artist and producers for his next project.



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