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[New Music] PreshXOXO “Baby(Have You Heard)”



Presh XOXO’s “Baby(Have You Heard)” sees the femcee making lowkey moves and winning because of it. With her eyes on the prize, Presh XOXO gets to enjoy the finer things in life, including her ace, lil’ dip, (or whatever he’d like to be called.) Unfortunately, some people just don’t want her to be great and try talking sideways. Luckily, the “Flexxin’” rapper remains unfazed and focuses on the bigger picture. She raps in the hook, “Have you heard /Money’s on my mind/Running out time/Always on the grind.”

Likewise, Presh also stays on her P’s and Q’s when it comes to new acquaintances, making sure to “separate the real bitches from the actresses.” Throughout the track, she keeps an unbothered cadence. Her words are nothing but crystal clear. Production-wise, “Baby(Have You Heard)” uses a dark piano that keeps a staccato rhythm. The beat also upholds a victorious tone with symphonic arrangements, hi-hats, and booming bass. One plugin that’s quite infectious in the sound palette is the repetitive war cry. At the very end, ears will perk up once a sweet piano number fades in.

Not to mention, Presh displays a significant amount of metaphors! My favorite is: ”But he gets NUN, a church full of Catholics.”

If you haven’t already, listen to ”Baby(Have You Heard)” by PreshXOXO below:


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