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[New Music] K-Proetic ft O Live “Walking In My Purpose”



K-Proetic and O Live prove that R.E.A.L lyricism still exists in their latest single “Walking In My Purpose.” Over an up-tempo SWV-esque beat, the two rhyme masters say what all of us dreamers are thinking: “Why must we work hard to make ends meet?” In actuality, creatives yearn to have freedom for their craft. Yet, that time is snatched away by typical 9 to 5’s that always want someone to go the extra mile so that they can achieve their goals. Regardless, the two are in their “grind mode with this rhyme flow.” Growing up, we’re told that getting a degree is the only thing that’ll get you ahead in life. But what if it’s not the only way to the top? Together with hard work and tough skin, anyone can accomplish what they want. In some cases, the college route only gets one a mass of debt and stress. 

K-Proetic raps, “Go to college get your degree is what I was taught/Take out loans, this interest piling and now we got caught/9 to 5 for 3 and a half, it’s time to get lost/But yup I did that/Head to my dreams as a teen turns out can’t risk that/Got a class, can’t miss that and got work I need quick cash uh/But I’ll be so regretful because I know I’m special.” 

Following after, O Live explores his own dealings with working tedious jobs. He also goes into detail about how jobs overlook the hard-workers at times. To put into better words, he raps, “All this time for them but no time for me/Had a list of goals still tryna achieve/Set them to the side just to build they dream/Losing all my drive and my self-esteem.” 

Cadence-wise, K Proetic approaches the bars with passion, oscillating between a swift and bouncy one. O Live also speaks from his heart and makes sure he’s both felt and heard. As per O Live’s recent Instagram post, “the chemistry [between himself and K Proetic] is unmatched.”

Listen to “Walking In My Purpose” here


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