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[NEW VIDEO] ARGstarr “Victim”



Growing up in the streets of Washington D.C. would inspire anybody to want more out of life. Creating Hip Hop music is one of the ways ARGstarr looks to change his. Unfortunately this gifted star wasn’t as fortunate as some. He slept in the basement and trapped during the day just to make a way. This of course didn’t stop him from dreaming big. ARGstarr mentioned in his song “Victim” that he refuses to catch a case. Jail is definitely not for him so millions is what he will chase. He also made a promise to his unborn son that he will not stop grinding until he makes it big. ARGstarr primary goal is to leave behind a legacy his family can celebrate. I’m sure many of you can relate to him, so I encourage you all to check out the video and spread the word about it. 


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