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Snoop Dogg and eBay Launch Exclusive D.R.I.P.



Snoop Dogg And eBay Launch Exclusive D.R.I.P.
Snoop Dogg. Image source: AP.

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has been making a few more business moves lately. With a new initiative, the artist is giving fans exclusive access to his autographed memorabilia. Snoop Dogg launched a fresh membership program with eBay to provide access to fans of Death Row Records. 

The fans have the option of three annual membership levels, also including unique merchandise and perks from West Coast Hip-Hop royalty. 

Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Inmate Program, also known as D.R.I.P, can be accessed only via the auction and eBay’s site. D.R.I.P. gives fans of the Death Row record label special access to some of Snoop’s best moments.

Membership Options On eBay

The base-level membership costs nearly $50. It gives insiders a black dog tag and chain, access to meet and greets with the label’s artists, and more. 

Next, the almost $100 platinum membership then offers fans everything included in the first package. Plus, you can receive a platinum dog tag and a holiday-themed Dogg Father gift. The diamond membership is $500 and also includes everything mentioned prior. 

Additionally, fans can receive a diamond and gold Death Row chain, early access to all future projects, and more.

Furthermore, Snoop released limited valuable items that will be on auction through the end of next Sunday. It also includes the Pittsburgh Penguins jersey Snoop wore in the “Gin & Juice” video, a Death Row pendant from his personal jewelry collection, and much more. The 51-year-old rapper has both displayed at Miami Art Basel’s Scope Gallery. 

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Snoop’s Celebration Continues

The legend is also celebrating his only daughter Cori Broadus’ engagement with her boyfriend, Wayne Deuce, whom she has been with since 2018. Plus, Dogg recently revealed his first ad campaign with his wife Shante Broadus and family for Kim Kardashian’s SKIM clothing line. The rapper will release his expected album Mount Westmore beside some hip-hop greats like Ice Cube as well.

Snoop Dogg Family

Snoop Dogg with his family. Image source: Donna Trope.

Written by Vhannah | Instagram: vhannahmontana

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