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SoundCloud Drops $15M to Help Artists During Pandemic



SoundCloud Drops $15M to Help Artists During Pandemic |

On April 2nd, 2020, SoundCloud CEO, Kerry Trainor, revealed a plan valued at 15 million dollars in hopes of assisting creators during this time of uncertainty.

After partnering with Twitch, offering SoundCloud Pro for 50% off, and giving weekly artist “office hours” with their relations team, Trainor and her team decided that they could do a lot more.

The plan includes initiatives to help artists get through the coronavirus as well as actions to increase an artist’s longevity. Creators will now have the option of adding a button on their page that allows fans to support them through the use of Kickstarter, Paypal, or other artist preferred options.

In addition to this, SoundCloud has announced a promotional raffle for artists. Every week until the end of 2020, five music makers who use the hashtag #GetMorePlay on their posts will be selected by the SoundCloud team to win free Promote, giving them the opportunity to get in front of a way larger audience. The company’s inventory of Promote is worth around five million dollars.

They didn’t stop there, though. Repost, a marketing service that helps push content across different media, was acquired by SoundCloud in May of 2019.

SoundCloud Drops $15M to Help Artists During Pandemic |

It is available to all SoundCloud users as a means to distribute their work. This was then backed up by the implementation of Repost Select for SoundCloud. Artists now have the opportunity to apply for Repost Select, which gives the chosen creators a list of benefits. This includes artist specific marketing, an in-house account manager, promotional support, and more.


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