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The Dream Of Developing As A Rapper Remains Strong For Tru Frass



Tru Frass Strives To Develop Himself As A Rapper
Tru Frass. Image source: 24Hip-Hop.

Tru Frass, a rising artist, entrepreneur, and rapper who goes by the name of Andrew Washington hails from the Bronx, New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, which has had a significant impact on his life. He has taken various steps to enhance his career, including establishing his own record label and creating merchandise. As per an interview with DSNBXTV, he also manages himself and markets his own music.

“Frass” is a stage name he took to honor his Jamaican roots and willingness to take risks. A support system of family and friends has always been an integral part of Tru Frass’ career since the start. Through his dedication to work and willingness to take risks, he has unlocked his potential in the studio daily.

In times of difficulty, Tru Frass finds inspiration in Lil Wayne, whose songs have also helped him cope with life’s challenges. Utilizing music as a means of self-expression, Tru aims to inspire and then motivate others to reach their full potential.

Tru Frass Releases A New EP And Music

A new EP by Tru Frass entitled “Tru Warrior” was released in August of this year. The artists featured on the EP are Scrappy Tona, BigHomieKayden, HolyB, and also TillBeats. Tru Frass’s future is bright as he looks forward to bringing you new music every month and bringing it to a global audience.

The Bronx artist recently released his latest single, “Lost,” which features Denmark singer TropicalMariana. Tru Frass first encountered TropicalMariana during an online music review session. Her music caught his attention, and Frass began pursuing her for the project. It’s the fruit of the collaboration between these artists and producer TillBeats.

TillBeats crafts a rhythmic and moody composition on this track with heavy drumming, eerie melodies, and rich guitar solos. Tru’s laidback flow and eloquent lyrical arrangement are the most suitable match for TropicalMariana’s smooth song.

From a financial advisor on YouTube to a successful musician, Tru Frass continues to disrupt the music industry regularly. All that remains for Tru Frass is to produce a music video, which he promises will be available shortly when the right marketing campaign is in place.

Check out Tru Frass’s new single “Karma” with Dak Willie below and here: Apple Music | Spotify

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