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Ye Dropping New Music Alongside A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, The Game, and DJ Premier



Ye is a machine! Today Ye’s supporters got news of another impending music drop. West shocked many of his followers with an Instagram post of a video of himself chopping it up with the Game and DJ Premier while in the studio. Given the reaction of Ye’s followers, the fans were highly appreciative. Laughably that’s despite the posted session being muted.

West Is Blowing Up Headlines

FM Hip Hop recently provided coverage on West’s dive into his Donda 2 project, reported ten days ago. The news of Donda 2 is impressive, given the first part of Ye’s music project release less than six months ago. Then a few short weeks ago, Ye was also working in the studio with Scarface. None of that is enough? Now, the “Jesus Walks” artist was found in the studio with A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, The Game, and Ab-Liva of the Re-Up Gang.

Is Ye Right About Controlling Music?

Undoubtedly, West is all over the place. So, there is indeed something to Ye saying that “We about to control music.” How could one not exercise significant control in a market with their imprint on so many surfacing projects? If not power indeed, Ye will exert a considerable influence. We are still in the first month of 2022, and West’s name is everywhere. Now that type of energy is wild.

How Soon Can Ye’s Fans Expect the Music?

Fans may be getting a drop tomorrow. In the Instagram post where Ye hits up DJ premier to enlist his expert services, this is what was said,

“We got a song we’re releasing Friday that we wanted you to do a scratch on, if possible,”

If this is true, fans can expect a drop Friday, January 14, 2022. Wow, the music release from Yee this quick is mind-boggling! If it weren’t for the coverage of his other social interactions, one would assume he is literally eating, breathing, and sleeping music.

No denying, West’s hustle is intense.

Ye Understands When To Keep It Humble

Humbleness and West are two words that don’t necessarily go together. However, we can tell from Ye’s interaction with DJ Premiere he understands how to play the game. He knows when humbleness is essential. For example, one moment before asking for Premiere’s help, Ye poured out his gratitude to Premieres son with his father by his side.

“Your father’s my inspiration.”

How sweet! Then he adds a little frosting to sweeten things a bit. In talking to DJ Premier, Ye said,

“You are the locksmith of protecting [music]…He makes sure that nobody leaks that shit out.”

All we can say is well done, but we already knew West is up on the game.

With all hopes, fans will get some new music this weekend from Ye, Pusha T., The Game, and DJ Premiere. If so, FM Hip Hop will provide coverage and keep an eye out on all things West.

To read more on the Ye’s music, check out FM Hip Hop’s retrospective article.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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