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#FMTrends:  Migos Cook Up “Stir Fry” and Show Kicks in New Music Video [Link]

#FMTrends: Migos Cook Up “Stir Fry” and Show Kicks in New Music Video [Link]

Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

Migos Cook Up “Stir Fry” and Show Kicks in New Music Video

Salutations once again FM Trendsetters!  Hope you hungry for Chinese food. I must say, I had to order some of that good New York Chinese Take Out before I viewed this video.  It was well worth it.  It complimented the video.  Yesterday, the Look at My Dab collective Migos released the video for “Stir Fry“, the first single off the follow-up album Culture II.  The song itself is dope, but the video definitely made it better.  This is the video to watch if you are a fan of cheesy Martial Art flicks.

Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

The video was directed by Sing Lee and Migos member Quavo Huncho.  They did a great job.  Awesome moves and kicks, also cliche movie taglines (Quavo says to his foe in the fight scene “Time to go to sleep!”) The storyline in this video is great!   It starts in the streets of Hong Kong.   Migos own a restaurant and have to deal with the antics of a rival restaurant owner, who has a very bad temper.  The owner expresses that when he sends a very violent and clear message to the trio.  This forces the Bad and Boujee collective to force their hand in vengeance and retaliation.  A formula that is usually known in most Kung Fu movies.  Plus we get to see the Migos in action, well maybe their stunt doubles.


Photo Credit: Youtube/VEVO

I would definitely love to see the trio in a full-length Kung Fu movie based on this video.  The fighting scene was the bread and butter of the whole video.  Quavo Chiba, Offset Li, and Take Off Chan take charge and prove they can do more than trapping and getting beautiful women. The biggest surprise to me was I actually got to hear what Take Off sound like on a track.  I always thought he was the silent one.  Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end.



 Check out Migos “Stir Fry”


Source: Migos VEVO/YouTube Channel


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January 31st, 2018

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