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100K Track Speaks On YNW Melly’s (Jamell Demon’s) Release Raising Eyebrows



100K Track Speaks on YNW Melly's (Jamell Demon's) Release Raising Eyebrows. Photo Credit:

YNW Melly’s fans probably wonder if 100K Track has insider information after posting about Melly’s impending release on Instagram.

A week ago, after 100K tried setting some people straight about what lane he is occupying after the release of “Rings,” he made this statement.

“Stop asking me if I am a rapper now. I’m everything but a hater get on y’all sh*t 2022 all gas and Melly come home in two months y’all better tighten up.”

Is 100K Track’s Statement a Truth?

No proof exists that Demon will see release in two months. So, this proclamation is more of a hope wrapped in positive packaging. 100K is speaking a positive affirmation, and there is no issue with thinking positively. However, there is a clear distinction between fantasy and reality. However, of note, the time Track gives for Melly’s release does at least coincide with the artist’s upcoming trial date.

What do we Understand Regarding Demon’s Case?

Jamell Demons is currently awaiting behind bars for his next trial date. The young artist was arrested in 2019 for double murder. Since 2019 rumors of Melly’s release have been floating throughout the ether. In 2019 this Message was shared on Instagram, which read,

“I just want to let all my fans know that God is real. He has anointed my head with oils. He is the reason I’m coming home.”

As of 2021, he remained in prison, awaiting trial.

Will Demons (AKA Melly) likely be released in March?

There are no discoverable grounds to confirm a March release. The rapper has spent three years in confinement on the current charge. However, he is facing a potential life sentence. Furthermore, the police have damning information, not in Demon’s favor. So, unless 100K knows more than most of us have privy to, his statement about Demon’s release isn’t plausible. Nevertheless, we will find all we need come March. So. Stick with FM Hip Hop as we bring you coverage.

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