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42 Dugg Arrested By the Feds in Detroit Airport



42 Dugg
image credit: image still via VEVO 'Turnt B-tch' by 42 Dugg

‘We Paid’ rapper 42 Dugg has run into some serious legal trouble in the midst of returning to his hometown.

42 Dugg Forced to Face the Music

42 Dugg was reportedly arrested in Detroit, Michigan, Thursday afternoon (May 5). Federal agents apprehended the Midwest artist swiftly after he de-boarded a flight from Memphis, Tennessee. According to The Detroit News, Dugg was jailed for failing to surrender to a six-month prison sentence on Apr 12.

This is yet another arrest for the 4PF rapper, who has an extensive rap sheet.

It scales back to 2010 when 42 Dugg was convicted of carjacking and felony firearm possession. Since then, he’s had a hard time keeping himself out of trouble. In March 2020, he was again caught possessing a firearm as a felon. He was taken into custody just five months later for evading the police.

Despite all these charges, the ‘Maybach’ rapper narrowly avoided jail time last May. Dugg’s lawyers managed to grab a plea deal for the 10-year sentence felony gun charge. However, the celebration was short-lived. The judge quickly revoked 42 Dugg’s probation and instead sentenced him to six months in jail with two years of supervised release.

Midwest rappers vs. 6ix9ine continues

This comes at an already tumultuous time for 42 Dugg. The Detroit rapper recently blasted sixnine for popping up on Lil Durk’s viral doppelgänger. He subsequently challenged the New York artist to a boxing match, but only if they each earn 500,000.

“I hate it when bitch ass n-ggas do hoe shit to good people,” Dugg said in defense of Perkio. “rat ass n-ggas involving white boys in street shit n-ggas be lames and hoes n-ggas could’ve pulled up on so many other n-ggas they a pull up on a kid with nothing to do wit nothing. Y’all can never expect Ah non street person to understand the streets these n-ggas blowing down on kids tryna ruin kids life knowing Ah real N-gga Ah spit on you bitch n-ggas.”

6ix9ine, of course, didn’t hesitate to respond. “42 Dugg talking about, ‘Yo, if n-ggas see n-ggas ah ah, like’ — yo, 42 Dugg, I’ll smack the shit out you. I will smack fire out you, n-gga. That’s word to my life. I’m on parole, but just me and you, bro? And you say, ‘Yo, let’s lock in a room and get it’? I will smack fire out you with your consent. Stop playing with me, n-gga.”

42 Dugg hasn’t made any further comment at this time. However, with both 6ix9ine and 12 possible years in prison looming over his head, this Michigan mc has a long 2022 ahead of him.

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