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50 Cent On Claims Of Not Being a Top 10 New York Rapper



When one thinks of New York, The birthplace of hip-hop often comes to mind of many; in turn, many legends hailing from the Big Apple, such as 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Nas, also come to reason with the contributions they made for the genre. Of course, hip-hop heads mustn’t forget the arguable King Of New York, Biggie Smalls. Or artists such as Lil’ Kim, Mobb Deep, and so on.

This goes on to beg the question. Why one undeniable New York legend, 50 Cent, is facing claims of not being a top 10 New York rapper. With the contributions 50 Cent made to New York and arguably to hip hop and entertainment as a whole? He should be up there without question!

50 Cent Not In New York’s Top 10 percent?!

Nowadays, 50 is more focused on creating a new empire for himself, moving slightly away from music. He is creating an outstanding television universe with PowerBMF, and several other shows in the works. However, he still returns with a new record on occasion. The rapper turned mogul also had this to say to fans who question him being a top 10 artist from New York.

“They said i’m not in the Top 10 out of New York artist, [laughing emoji] i’m nobody’s favorite, i’m a nightmare for these fools when i focus,” he wrote as his caption.

50 Cent On Claims Of Not Being a Top 10 New York Rapper

The screenshot of 50 Cent’s Instagram post

In the comments, New York rapper Bobby Shmurda agreed that 50 is one of the city’s best musical talents. “With out ah question,” he wrote in response. Big Meech’s son Lil Meech also commented, saying, “They couldn’t fw u on your worst day.”

Where his legacy stands as far as an all-time hip hop legend is a debate for another day, but as far as New York 50 is an icon. For those who don’t remember, the infamous G-Unit/Murder Inc feud, along with 50’s debut back in the early 2000s, proved 50 as a force to be reckoned with in New York.

What is your take on these claims?

Written by Terrence Weeks

Stephanie Kinberg

Twitter: @Waviii_S

Instagram: @Waviii_S

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