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A 2121 Resurrection For 21 Savage?



21 Savage

Many people make resolutions they wish to keep in the months preceding a new year. One person, however, appears to have a very distinct and intriguing goal. In the hours leading up to midnight on New Year’s Eve, UK-born rapper 21 Savage took to Twitter to request that his body be frozen and returned in 2121.

“I Just Want To Be Alive For 2121 Somebody Freeze Me Right Quick,” he wrote.

With 56,000 likes on the social media post, the “Bank Account” rapper’s vision drew the interest of many Twitter users.

In response to 21’s tweet, many Twitter users made humorous comments:

In June of 2022, 21 Savage made a tweet in which he stated that everything in his life was going according to plan. Nevertheless, he is optimistic that 90 years from now, things will be significantly better than they are today. Over 100 years of age is not a shared milestone in life for most people. However, if 21 Savage survives another 98 years, he will be 129 years old in 2121.

What Is Cryonic Preservation?

A cryonic preservation method involves freezing corpses at shallow temperatures to preserve them. As a counterbalance, cryonicists hope that scientific developments enable the repair of dead bodies in the future.

Rumor has it that Walt Disney was frozen in 1966 and will be revived in the future. Cryonics is a method for bringing someone back to life after death, but the procedure’s effectiveness is unproven.

Rapper 21 Savage Accumulated A Great Deal Of Success In 2022

As a side note, 21 Savage is coming off an excellent year in which he collaborated with two legendary figures. This past November, he collaborated with Drake on a joint project entitled Her Loss. Following Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and his break into dance with Honestly, Nevermind, they announced they would tour together in support of the album.

Which Celebrities Have Expressed Interest In Having Their Bodies Frozen?

21 Savage’s request for his body to be frozen isn’t unusual. The activity has been a source of interest to celebrities for decades.

Furthermore, Steve Aoki is a world-renowned DJ, record producer, and executive affiliated with electronic dance music. He established the Aoki Foundation to raise awareness of brain health and innovations in longevity and anti-aging research. In addition, a significant portion of the foundation’s funds is dedicated to anti-aging technology and brain preservation. Aoki has expressed the wish for his family and himself to be cryo-preserved.

A notable entry on the list is Muhammad Ali, the infamous boxer deeply involved in cryogenics during the 1980s. The first time he visited a cryonics lab was in 1988 at the University of California, Berkeley. Although whether he was frozen remains open to speculation, some believe that he was, particularly since he was located in Phoenix, Arizona, when he met his fate.

What is the significance of Phoenix? Alcor: The Life Extension Foundation has moved to Scottsdale, a part of Greater Phoenix. Why would Ali end it in Arizona? He never visited Arizona much during his lifetime. Cryonicist Rick Potvin, a part of Ted Williams’s cryonic process, is pretty sure that Muhammad Ali is resting in a tank until the world is ready to receive him again.

Pop singer Britney Spears purchased a full-body cryonic corpse costing $200,000. One of Britney Spears’ acquaintances reported that Spears wishes to live forever, and the more stories she reads about the industry, the more intrigued she becomes. Despite Spears’ profound interest in pursuing this career, her father, Jamie Spears, could not help but make jokes. Britney Spears’ father thinks her two children should inherit the money. However, she gets what she truly desires, the ability to live forever.

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